Oromo Cultural Food Preparation & Training Center Building Project

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The Oromo Cultural food preparation & training center building project is located in the Capital city of the country Finfinne /Addis Ababa/at, Bole sub-city with a specific location beside Ethiopian airport cargo & architecturally attractive view at the front side. The main aim of the project is to solve the long-time issue of Oromo people in developing the cultural sector of the region, especially that used to introduce Oromo cultural foods locally and internationally thereby ensuring the benefits of the community. The provisional handover of this project is made on date 05/11/2022 with recorded general & specific comments accordingly. The building has major functional components. Such are: -car parking floor, Food preparation & processing room, cultural exhibition room, bar & restaurant, different Shops, library & VIP dining room, living and bedrooms & multi-functional assembly hall. The National Regional State of Oromia Culture and Tourism Bureau and the Contractor MCG Construction Plc have signed a contract agreement on May 7th, 2019 for the construction of the Oromo Food Preparation and Training Centre Lot-2 /B+G+6/ Building Project. The revised contract amount as per the Employer requirement is 270,506,866.385 (Two Hundred Seventy Million Five Hundred Six Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty-six x 385/100) Ethiopian Birr including 15% VAT.

  • Client: Oromo Cultural Food Preparation & Training Center
  • Completed Date: 05/11/2022
  • Budget: 270,506,866.385
  • Duration: 3 Years
  • Categories: Completed Project