we work towards enhancing our customers satisfaction and trust

  • To augment the economic development of the Oromia region by filling market gaps
  • Stabilizing engineering service market prices; promoting excellence in engineering and construction management consultancy services
  • To deliver least-cost and high-quality engineering study
  • Designs and construction management services to its clients.


One of the most innovative and reliable engineering services providers in East Africa by 2030

Quality Policy

Engineering Corporation of Oromia Quality Policy ...


  • ECO adheres to such operating principles or values as: dedication to the welfare of the people Devotion to professional integrity and principles of ethics; committed to clients’ satisfaction
  • Works in partnership with similar service providers and others with authenticity
  • Works in transparency, accountability, fairness and equal opportunity
  • Cost consciousness
  • Teamwork spirit and innovation.

Ayana Amsalu

“ECO was truly a collaborative partner; working with us in a cost effective, efficient and quality construction product. The knowledge of the ECO team was truly a value add to the overall success of our build-out project. On time, on budget and we had fun!”

Feyisa Teshome

"ECO is one of the best general contractors we've worked with. The entire team tactfully delivered a project of exceptional quality while staying on schedule and under budget. We hope to work with ECO again in the near future!"

Jebessa Jamil

“Thanks for your efforts in helping to create a great work environment for our employees! The ECO team delivered a high quality construction product, on time and on budget! We appreciate all your efforts.”


Engineering Corporation of Oromia (ECO) is a professional organization, which is specialized in undertaking the study and  design of  medium-to-mega-scale Industri- al Projects, Water Resource Study, Irrigation, Water Supply and Sanitation, Land Use Planning and Environment Study, and Road Building Projects…Read More 


Irrigation and Energy Work Division is one of the four-pillar business units of ECO. Taking the necessity to maximize productivity by utilization of available natural resources through the implementation of irrigation practices and energy sector development, the corporation has envisaged formulation of a self-sustained division capable of working study, design, and construction supervision including contract administration tasks. The two directorates (Dam and Energy & Irrigation and Drainage) undertake, study, design, and construct Contract Administration and supervision (CAS) services by their respective teams and workers to the satisfaction of customers using state of art work methodologies, standards, and software. In addition, this division has a hydrology and watershed management team to deliver both internal and external services.  Read More…


WRS and WS Division provides a full-fledged consultancy service in the area of Water resources investigation (conduct Hydrological, Hydrogeological, and Geophysical investigation,), Design of Wells and supervision of Drilling works; Conduct Hydrogeochemical and Isotope Studies, Groundwater Potential Assessments and Evaluations, Groundwater & Surface Water Modelling. We carry out a state of art design of hydraulics structures for water intakes and pumping stations, we Conduct the selection of Electrical and Mechanical equipment ( pumps Generators, and motors )With their head, efficiency, and discharge for water conveyance; design of entire water supply system and Sanitary works, Design of Water Treatment Facilities (SSF, RSF, HRF &, etc.); Design of Wastewater treatment and waste disposal system; sanitary system design for buildings; construction supervision and project contract management. 

We are renowned for our comprehensive and leading skills in all aspects of the waterworks owing to our accumulated institutional experience and our highly skilled professionals for more than 15 years in the fields which give us the opportunity to be your first & best choice. Read More…

Transport and Building Works Division provides comprehensive consulting services (study, design, Construction supervision, and contract administration) in the fields of Road, Transport, Building, and Related Civil Engineering Projects. Our division is experienced in service delivery of small to large-scale projects. Our division has well-experienced professionals with over 20 years of experience in these disciplines. The services we provide include but are not limited to study, Detailed Engineering Design, tender document preparation, Construction Supervision, and contract administration of all disciplines (Road, Transport, Building) projects.  In addition, we are working on analyzing risk factors in projects and maintaining preventive measures by looking into resources and time schedules, etc. Read More…

The Mining, Geotechnical, and Laboratory Service Works Division (MGLSD) is a newly established operation division on top of the existing three previous divisions under the Engineering Corporation of Oromia (ECO). Under the division, there are 2 Directorate (Mining & Geotechnical Works Directorate and Laboratory Service Directorate) and 5 teams (Geotechnical and Geophysical Works Team, Mineral Exploration and Mining Works Team, Geology and Mining Lab Team, Geotechnical & Construction Materials Lab Team and Soil Fertility and Water Quality Lab Team). The Division provides high-quality standard services to the need and expectations of its clients. The Division has highly skilled professionals and well-equipped modern laboratory equipment.

The Division provides 3 basic services, which are;

  • Mineral exploration and mining technic design,
  • Geotechnical Investigation and foundation treatment recommendation and
  • Laboratory services with its  Read More…

Integrated Land Use and Urban Planning Directorate is therefore one of the two Operational Directorates of ECO. Our directorate has so far conducted an Integrated Land Use Plan (ILUP) project in Oromia, Somali, Gambella, and Afar Regional States. Moreover, Urban Planning, ESIA Study of any project, and Feasibility Study of any project are among the ongoing projects of this Directorate. Currently, we can assertively say that ECO is the only ongoing governmental organization undertaking an Integrated Land Use Planning project and having qualified professionals and equipment in the Country for the past 15 years.

The major activities of this Directorate are;

  • Conduct Integrated Land Use Planning in the Oromia Region and other regions of the country.
  • Conduct Urban Planning Works
  • Conduct Socio-economic study of various project
  • Conduct Social & Environmental Impact Assessments (SEIA) of different undergoing projects comprise
  • Conduct a Feasibility Study of Any Projects  Read More…

The major activities of this;

  • Topographic
  • survey Construction
  • Asset inspections
  • Mining Natural resources  Read More…


Engineering Corporation of Oromia (ECO) formerly known as Oromia Water Works Design and Supervision Enterprise (OWWDSE) was established in May 2006 with Regulation No. 66/2006 and 214/2012 of Oromia Regional State to work as a public Enterprise and Corporation respectively, which is entrusted with the responsibility to contribute to the effort being made by the public sector.

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We work towards enhancing our customers satisfaction and trust