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Engineering Corporation of Oromia (ECO)is committed to deliver confident, high quality professional consultancy services to satisfy the needs and expectations of its relevant internal and external interested parties through effective and efficient study and design, contract administration and construction supervision, capacity building and result oriented research for better way of life in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standards considering risks and opportunities with regard to its context, aligning the quality management system with its strategic direction of continual improvement by reviewing measurable quality objectives and updating it to implement the policies and procedures.

  • ECO strives to support the national efforts for social and economic development by providing reliable services for its national and international customers.
  • Ensure the quality policy and quality objectives have been set and are maintained as part of the QMS internal auditing, monitoring and management review processes, in order to enhance customer satisfaction. 

ECO is dedicated to ensure that this policy is determined, communicated and implemented throughout the organization and any other interested parties; under the top Management’s ultimate responsibility, with regular reporting and communication of the status and effectiveness at all levels.

Chief Executive Officer
January, 2021