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Surveying and Mapping Services

The major activities of this; Topographic survey Construction Asset inspections Mining Natural resources

Irrigation and energy project study, design, construction contract administration and supervision

Irrigation and Energy Work Division is one of the four-pillar business units of ECO. Taking the necessity to maximize productivity by utilization of available natural resources through the implementation of irrigation practices and energy sector development, the corporation has envisaged formulation of a self-sustained division capable of working study, design and construction supervision including contract […]

Water resource investigation works study, design, construction contract administration and supervision

WRS and WS Division provides a full-fledged consultancy service in the area of Water resources investigation (conduct Hydrological, Hydrogeological, and Geophysical investigation,), Design of Wells and supervision of Drilling works; Conduct Hydrogeochemical and Isotope Studies, Groundwater Potential Assessments and Evaluations, Groundwater & Surface Water Modelling. We carry out a state of art design of hydraulics […]

Road and building works study, design, construction contract administration and supervision

Transport and Building Works Division provides comprehensive consulting services (study, design, Construction supervision, and contract administration) in the fields of Road, Transport, Building, and Related Civil Engineering Projects. Our division is experienced in service delivery of small to large-scale projects. Our division has well-experienced professionals with over 20 years of experience in these disciplines. The […]

Mining, Geo-techniques and Laboratory Works

The Mining, Geotechnical, and Laboratory Service Works Division (MGLSD) is a newly established operation division on top of the existing three previous divisions under the Engineering Corporation of Oromia (ECO). Under the division, there are 2 Directorate (Mining & Geotechnical Works Directorate and Laboratory Service Directorate) and 5 teams (Geotechnical and Geophysical Works Team, Mineral […]

Integrated land use and urban planning works

Integrated Land Use and Urban Planning Directorate is therefore one of the two Operational Directorates of ECO. Our directorate has so far conducted an Integrated Land Use Plan (ILUP) project in Oromia, Somali, Gambella, and Afar Regional States. Moreover, Urban Planning, ESIA Study of any project, and Feasibility Study of any project are among the […]

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