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Mr. Dawit Bekele Alemu

Phone: 0957038188

Email: Dawitb@ecoet.org

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Aman Racho Furso

Phone: 0957038050

Email: amanr@ecoet.org

Corporate Administrative Works Division

Mr. Aliyi Kedir Busie

Phone: 0957038291

Email: aliyik@ecoet.org

Water Resource and Supply Works Division

Mrs. Selamawit Seid Mohammed

Phone: 0957038343

Email: selamawits@ecoet.org

Transport and Building Works Division

Mr. Likissa Fanta  Tasgara

Phone: 0957037946

Email: likissaf@ecoet.org

Mining, Geotechnical and Laboratory Service Division

Mr. Techan Eshetu Senbata

Phone: 0957038308

Email: techane@ecoet.org

Irrigation and Energy Works Division

Mr. Kebede Dadi Robi

Phone: 0957038127

Email: kebeded@ecoet.org

Integrated Land use and Urban Planning Directorate

Mr. Fekadu Jalata Dasa

Phone: 0957016437

Email: fekaduj@ecoet.org

Planning and Business Development Directorate

Mr. Amare Degefa Deme

Phone: 0957024321

Email: amared@ecoet.org

Human Resource Management Directorate

Mr. Kadir Mohammed Gemeda

Phone: 0118787559

Email: kedirm@ecoet.org

Legal Service

Mr. Zewude Abera Degefa

Phone: 0957008944

Email: zewudea@ecoet.org

Internal Audit and Inspection Service